River Sessions: Pedernales Falls

I had wanted to do a couples session in the water for quite some time, the circumstances were never quite right. This summer seemed extra beautiful and I finally met the right couple, intrepid lovers unafraid of runny mascara and slippery rocks. This little spot along the river leading up to Pedernales Falls has become one of my favorite spots in the past few months. In the spring, it's lush, flowery, almost looking like an exotic island. In summer, it reminds of some of the rivers out west. So many different textures and lovely colors all in one place.

There's not much more to say, other than I want to do this about 348 more times. Enjoy!

YASS, love the look of summer skin.

Blue lagoon vibes

If there is ever a Blue Lagoon 3, sign these kids up! If you're too young to know what Blue Lagoon is, go watch it right now.


The end.

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