Let’s chat about clothes.

Here’s a guide on things I’m suggesting might help you maybe make decisions about what to wear for your session. I’m not a fashion expert by any means, but I’m here to help you with things I’ve learned over the years. These are only guidelines and not rules!

Please, please be yourself

The number one guideline is to be comfortable and look how you normally look. I’m going to shout this part so you’ll hear me: WEAR WHAT YOU NORMALLY WEAR AND FEEL GOOD IN. Seriously, you do not need to run out and go shopping and buy things that you think you should wear. If you run out and buy something you’ve been wanting to buy, or from a brand you wear all the time and you know you’ll love it, then by all means, do you! Feel me?

I’m just trying to drive the point home that you will be your best self in your favorite jeans, your worn in converse, or in that comfy sweater you feel so cozy in. I promise that both of you will feel so much happier in your staple pieces.

All right, let’s get to some tips & tricks!

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First, what you should bring.

Bring a few options so I can help you pick the right outfit for each location/setting. You two are the focus, not your clothes. Remember this.

I’m talking 5ish tops and 3ish bottoms each, plus dresses, jackets, and accessories. Blouses and button downs should be ironed out to look nice and smooth.

Warning! You will probably be changing in a car, in the woods, etc. if you don’t care to do that, let me know! Text me your outfits and we’ll pick out the best option together.

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Dress for the occasion.

Come prepared for the conditions we’ll be in. Most of the time, we’ll be a doing a little hiking, so bring good shoes with grip that can get dirty. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing for the weather as well. FYI: Heels will be challenging in almost all situations, avoid them unless you are a PRO. The goal is to be as comfortable as possible, so be mindful of what your body does in different temperatures.

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Let’s get moving.

Make sure your clothes are worn in and movable. We’ll be running around, laying, sitting, dancing. You don’t want to be distracted by a new pair of pants or a dress you can’t sit in. I also love to see fabrics that will catch the wind or fringe that flows when you sway. It adds so much vivacity and a fun vibe to photos.


Color Palette.

You really can't go wrong with earth-toned neutrals. When you're out in nature, think of colors that you see: stone, olive, mustard, granite, leather, rust, cotton, etc. Avoid bright, unnatural colors. Pink, bright red, or bright blue/purple tend to put a weird wash on most skin tones, be mindful of that. However, muted blush and burnt orange tones can be stunning. If you're feeling iffy about something you really love, just run it by me!

Hot Tip

If this sounds like too much work, you can't go wrong this packing list:
-Plain black/plain white t-shirts
-Black/blue jeans and khakis
-Favorite flowy dress
-Brown and black shoes
-Hats and jean jackets

Pattern Play.

Loud, crazy patterns can make a photo look too busy or distract from your face. If you do pick a pattern, keep it subtle and small. Floral dresses and flannels are totally encouraged, but bring a shirt/pant that matches the main color of your pattern for your partner.

Example: Lady wears black dress with white florals and black shoes, partner wears black t-shirt and khakis with black tennies.


You’re extra. About props.


I love adding props to photos, but let’s do it with intention! And let’s think outside of the box! When I think of props, I think about a beautiful mexican wool blanket, a box full of warm pizza, motorcycles, dad’s vintage VW bus, bouquets, campfires, canoes, PUPPIES….are you picking up what I’m throwin’ down?

I’m talking about objects that are meaningful to you that we can incorporate into your session while keeping you and your partner the focus of the photo.


Skin is always in.

I love skin on skin contact in photos, I think it’s one of the most intimate ways a couple can portray themselves. Especially in summer months, the more skin the better. I’m not saying you need to get naked, I’m saying if your lady likes to go pantless or if your babe likes going shirtless, I’m down for that.


Hair and makeup styling.

First, you may be able to predict what I'm about to say: wear what you always wear! Do your hair the way you always do it. If you try to do something new on the day of the session, there's a good chance that you will start stressin' and we don't want that.
However, I have had clients who went and got their makeup done professionally for their sessions, and they asked for a natural, everyday look with someone they trusted. If you do this, make sure you schedule it well in advance so you aren't rushing. If you're a spray tanner, make sure it has a few days to fade and it's a natural, non-orangey color.
Remember that you will be all over each other during your session, you want your face to be kissable and your hair to be touchable.


Ladies, put facial primer on your man so his face won't get too sweaty and keep his pores looking tight!

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Parting Pieces of Advice

The last thing I want you to feel is overwhelmed, so shoot me a text or an email if you need a second opinion! All that matters to me is that you match and that you’re comfortable. The whole reason we’re doing this is because you’re in love and you’re happy, and we want to document it genuinely. I don’t want anything to get in your way to having fun, clothing included.

Okay, see ya out there, babes!